If you are using apple watch, you can add a tomato complication to your watch face. follow the link below.


3 Comments on “How to add a tomato complication to your Apple watch face?

  • Stephanie

    Posted on 2019-04-08at6:49 AM

    Do you have any type of pointers for creating posts?
    That’s where I constantly struggle and also I just end up staring vacant display for long time.

  • Ron

    Posted on 2019-04-10at5:30 AM

    Hi, try to add the TOMATO-Complication to my watch face but do not succeed…
    – Tomato-Complication is enabled in the watch app and I can see it
    – Tomato app itself works fine on watch
    – I can not add the complication
    – where you choose the complications it does not appear in the list
    I really would appreciate some advice!

    • admin

      Posted on 2019-04-10at6:58 AM

      What Watchface did you use?


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