iOS 1.2   Android 1.3      

New features:

  • Export data to CSV / PDF files
  • Added support for Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Japanese, Korean

Bug fixes:

  • Optimized for connection stability at night
  • Fixed the issue of syncing data to Healthkit(iOS)


New Features:

  •  Sync data to Night Scout
  • Notification budget


  • Optimize the experience of log data


  • Connect to Miaomiao
  • BG Calibration
  • SmartWatch Support
  • Alarms
  • Log Meds, Carbs & Activity
  • Remote Monitor
  • Intelligence Insight

6 Comments on “Release Notes

  • Peter

    Posted on 2019-03-19at11:36 AM

    How can I set the glucose reading to mmol/l?

  • David

    Posted on 2019-05-08at9:00 AM

    Is there a way to remove ‘a little high’ or ‘a little low’ notifications. I seem to get the message every few minutes if I am above or below. It takes time for the levels to drop so I don’t need to be reminded every 2 mins. I assume if I stop push notifications, then I will also stop getting the alarms when I go below the low target?

    Also, I there a setting to only receive ‘fast drop’ message just once or every 30mins; again, its not helpful being reminded every 2 mins.


  • Stuart Tyrrell

    Posted on 2020-03-26at11:29 AM

    While the Tomato App is working ok and is invaluable at night, I am finding that it simply chews through the battery life on my iPhone X. It is the top ranking item of battery use using 80%+ in a typical day. I may have to resort to using it only at night which will be a great pity as it is so nice to have CGM at a glance. Tomato developers PLEASE fix the massive overuse of resources. Thanks.

  • Pep

    Posted on 2020-09-15at9:13 PM

    Hi, where is the app in playstore android? I can’t find it..


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